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This project is a virtual call to action inviting communities to photograph themselves holding handmade signs in their homelands. The homemade signs will be expressing their voices that will bring consciousness to the environmental issues we face, and the changes we want to see in our communities. Through art, imagery, and words we can take to social media to decolonize our future and help bring awareness. This project highlights the community’s concerns for the future, the representation, and how we should move forward. 
For generations, frontline and low-income communities have endured environmental injustices and the health effects from the extractive industries. The current state of the climate crisis will only increase if we do not bring awareness to these atrocities. “Decolonize Our Future” helps communities bring light to historical ties of colonial destruction. 
The project medium will be utilizing digital media and social media. Participants will post on social media using the hashtag #DecolonizeOurFuture. The images can help us understand how we make decolonial connections, learn, and find ways to support. This project is to help bring awareness and inspire others to learn about the injustices people face while collectively protecting mother earth. 
To anticipate this project in order to achieve the aims is to utilize digital and social media. The special equipment that is needed is a camera. The software used in this project is social media, and the only materials needed for this project are paper and a marker. Travel is not necessary but is optional. Participants had a choice to photograph themselves in their traditional homelands. The chosen location was the Navajo Nation Reservation near the APS power plant located near Fruitland, NM for an hour photo session. 
This project is important to the frontline, and low-income communities because of the extractive industries that surround our homelands. Decolonize Our Future was created to help communities bring awareness to the colonial destruction harming their homes for generations. The anticipated expectation is for this project to deliver inspiration and empowerment to past and future generations.  I expect positive change for the outcome such as more community healing, awareness, and solutions. 

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