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Soul Turns Five!

NEW YORK, NY — November 6, 2021

From the Navajo Nation to the World

Today the Soul of Nations Foundation officially turns five years old!
What began as a mission concept on the Navajo Nation from students on the campus of Howard University has now blossomed into an international philanthropic organization that serves Indigenous Nations and Black communities around the world.
We would be nothing without the support of our amazing partners, organizers, change advocates, volunteers, and visionaries who have continuously believed in our mission and have helped us to reach unimaginable new heights. As we endeavor to expand the scope of our work, all while continuing to serve those with passionate needs, we sincerely hope that our road ahead will be broad.
Together we can be the voice!

Five Years of Financial Stewardship

The Soul of Nations Foundation is fortunate to be considered a transparent financial steward on GuideStar. We treat the resources entrusted to us as sacred and exercise a high level of responsibility with the gifts in our care. That means always being clear, honest, and fiscally responsible in the way we handle donations and carry out our mission. Thank you for trusting us with your contributions and generosity.
The Soul of Nations Foundation is a for-purpose 501(c)3 organization that aims to uplift Indigenous peoples through various forms of media, innovative strategy, and youth-led initiatives. Our mission is to progress Indigenous and Black communities through the arts, research, and scholarship. We envision a world where all people of color are respected as contemporary societies and have greater access to equal opportunities in the following sectors: socially, creatively, academically, and economically. 
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Soul of Nations Foundation, Inc.

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