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Black Lives Matter: A Statement From Our Executive Director

WASHINGTON, D.C. — July 11, 2020
Your silence is your complicity. Across the globe, people of color who now live in western or colonial society fear for their lives daily. In America, the issues of racial murder, violence, and tension have taken center stage — yet again.
Now is not the time to quote the notable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Now is not the time to sing kumbaya. Now is not the time to sit back in silence and wait for the next Black man or woman to be violated by the police and extreme white supremacists, or for the next Indigenous woman to go missing for months only to then be found murdered, or even for the next African entrepreneur in pursuit of a better life to die in transit to Europe…or wish they had upon arrival.
Now is the time to pray to The Creator. Now is the time to fight back. Now is the time to defund the police. Now is the time for gender and racial equality to be reflected in policy. Now is the time to address micro-aggressions. Now is the time to press record. Now is the time for altruistic allyship. Now is the time for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people to unite for justice, life, and prosperity.
The Soul of Nations Foundation does not support nor tolerate systemic racism or racial violence.
The Soul of Nations Foundation believes that Black Lives Matter.
We are fatigued and our heads may be bloody, but we will remain unbowed.
Ernest Christoph Hill, Executive Director of the Soul of Nations Foundation.
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