American Indians of The Southwest is a three-part experimental film doused in contemporaneity and engulfed in dialectical rhetoric with an invitational observation on the current and ongoing social lifestyle of the Indigenous people in the southwest through the eyes of Fox Maxy (Ipai/Payómkawichum), Kymon Greyhorse (Diné), and Tytianna Harris (Diné). American Indians of The Southwest was manifested through an 8-month virtual exchange fellowship between Native Americans and Native Bolivians and was administered by the Soul of Nations Foundation’s Indigenous International: Green Architecture Project (GAP). 

The southwestern landscape is filled with deserts, valleys, mountains, and the ocean. The traditional architecture of this place used natural materials, resources that have always grown here. All that we need is already here. Even if you do not remember the original ways or forms, all the necessary material is already in your blood.

American Indians of The Southwest and the Indigenous International: Green Architecture Project was provided by the Soul of Nations Foundation and the U.S. Department of State. Indigenous International is the umbrella program created through the Soul of Nations Foundation’s Indigenous Arts Expansion Initiative which is aimed to help connect Indigenous and Black communities with boundary-pushing cultural and artistic experiences around the world. 


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Short Film

Through this visual experience, the artists convey the misrepresentation of the evolution in the Great Basin area and how this, in turn, relates to the “architecture” and day-to-day social functionaries throughout the Southwest region. The structure, style, and method of this film challenges its viewer’s preconceived notions on Indianess, modernized sanctity, and the wild west tropes that are often portrayed in Hollywood-based media. American Indians of The Southwest reaches for new forms of engagement and critical thought to those that pertain through a philosophical stance that although a region’s lifeways, culture, social constructs might seem indifferent to at the periphery — they are not. With the overlying theme of “architecture”, American Indians of The Southwest depicts how traditional physical and spiritual forms of being can intertwine with ancestrally contemporaneous foundations of regional reality.

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