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Soul of Nations Foundation Confirms Partnership With MASS Design Group

MASS Design Group is serving as a project partner for the Soul of Nations Foundation’s Indigenous International: Green Architecture Project in Rwanda. Through this partnership, MASS will lead workshops, provide design and materials support, and lead site visits for our project participants in Rwanda.
The Indigenous International: Green Architecture Project presents the opportunity for three young Indigenous female artists/architects from the Americas to connect with 10 young Rwandan female artists/architects living in Kigali through a two-week cultural exchange that has virtual and in-person components and an artist residency that will result in one collaborative exhibition in Kigali. 
MASS plans to conduct two workshops with the participants and join one virtual workshop linking their Santa Fe Office, provide two design reviews with the participants, give the participants a visit to one of their existing construction sites called the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA) located in Bugesera, and leverage the existing knowledge of project participants by providing recommendations and contact information to locate supplies for creating architectural design models necessary for the exhibition. 
MASS is a mission-driven organization that researches, builds, and advocates for architecture that promotes justice and human dignity. With over 120+ architects, landscape architects, engineers, builders, furniture designers, writers, filmmakers, and researchers, their team represents 20 countries across the globe. In 2017, MASS was awarded the National Design Award in Architecture, given each year by Cooper Hewitt, the Smithsonian Museum for Design. In 2019, Architect Magazine ranked MASS 4th in Design. Their work has been featured in over 4,000 publications.
MASS believes that helping to build a climate positive future is imperative for expanding access to design that is purposeful, healing, and hopeful. By partnering with MASS Design Group for the Indigenous International: Green Architecture Project in Rwanda, the Soul of Nations Foundation’s Native American and Rwandan participants will be presented with creative time and space to discuss and depict their viewpoints on Pan-Indigenous contemporary society and work towards gaining a better sense environmental stability through architectural and artistic prisms.

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During the site visit, MASS  Design Group gave a presentation to the Rwandan participants explaining the design phases of the site at RICA. MASS also gave the participants a tour of the site while explaining the day-to-day operations and their vision for the future.
Rwandan participants from the Indigenous International: Green Architecture Project had the opportunity to engage in the first in-person orientation for the Green Architecture Project followed by a series of meetings/convenings for program development. 
Rwandan participants from the Indigenous International: Green Architecture Project had the opportunity to engage in the first workshop held by MASS Design Group at the Rwanda Art Museum. During the workshop, the participants explored culture, home, and stability through various forms of artistic media and technology, design.
When thinking broadly of architecture, the masterpieces of the past inevitably come to mind; buildings constructed to withstand the passage of time, that have found an ally in age, cementing themselves in the history of humanity. According to aesthetic and practical architectural standards of urban society, traditional housing structures of Native American nations, in the southwestern region of the United States of America, utilize similar construction techniques of the Rwandese when analyzing wigwam nomadic housing structures from the Pueblos alongside the East African daub housing structures

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