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Midterm Report Meeting

New York, NY — August 26, 2021
The Fellows met for a virtual midterm report to present artist production deliverables and images from architectural and research site visits. Bolivian participants traveled to three neighboring cities outside of La Paz and the U.S. participants traveled through Indigenous territories throughout the American Southwest.
Click here to view the Bolivia team’s midterm report presentation

Related News

The Soul of Nations Foundation (SONF) has received a small grant from the U.S. Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia for the Indigenous International: Green Architecture Project. The Indigenous International: Green Architecture Project coincides with the U.S. Embassy La Paz Public Affairs Section’s program priority to Strengthen cultural and educational ties between the U.S. and Bolivia through cultural and change programming that highlights shared values and promotes bilateral cooperation. The project also falls in alignment with the U.S. Embassy La Paz Public Affairs Section’s mission to promote culture by supporting and facilitating academic exchanges between the United States and Bolivia.
The Soul of Nations Foundation’s Indigenous International: Green Architecture Project is inviting 12 Women Artist Fellows from the United States and Bolivia to connect through a seven-month virtual exchange that will result in two collaborative online exhibitions. All artists and architects involved in the project should be between the ages of 18-35 and identify with an Indigenous tribe or nation. All Bolivian Fellows should reside in the city of La Paz and all U.S. Fellows should be of Native American decent. This program is sponsored in-part by the U.S. Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia, and the U.S. Department of State.

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