Soul of Nations is a 501(c)3 for-purpose organization that uplifts Indigenous youth and communities through visual arts engagement, academic scholarship, and policy research. Established in 2015, Soul of Nations exists to inspire Indigenous youth to pursue and achieve their goals. Soul of Nations stresses the importance of education and provides Tribal youth with a platform for free expression. Through facilitating impactful programs and initiatives, the organization is working toward creating a powerful network of talented and multifaceted young leaders and addressing major issues that Native communities face on Indian reservations such as lack of resources and high suicide rates.

Soul of Nations exists to inspire Native American youth to pursue and achieve their goals. We stress the importance of education and provide Indigenous youth with a platform for free expression. Our programs help to foster the next generation of community leaders in the fields of business and art. We are continuing to fulfill this mission through:

  •  Providing students with financial assistance
  •  Establishing programs that will inspire business creativity and community leadership
  •  Galvanizing artistic zeal
  •   Partnering with like minded organizations who support the betterment of Indigenous communities

Soul of Nations envisions a world where Native American peoples are respected as contemporary societies and are treated equally. Through our efforts we are working towards creating a powerful network of talented and multifaceted youth leaders to create impactful and longstanding opportunities. Soul of Nations would like to provide assistance to Indigenous communities on three continents: North America, South America, and Africa.

When Soul of Nations first began entering into the world of philanthropy, the majority of programmatic work was confined to one small town called Gallup, New Mexico, which is positioned just outside of the Navajo Reservation. Now, Soul of Nations is able to expand it’s level of programmatic outreach both domestically and abroad. Through the launch of the Indigenous Art Expansion Initiative, Soul of Nations was able to fulfill its mission far beyond the reservation lands of the American Southwest.

The goal of the Indigenous Art Expansion initiative is to provide Native American youth and disadvantaged communities with greater access to contemporary art and arts education. Through implementing systemic and organizational change, the Indigenous Art Expansion initiative will increase Soul of Nations’ level of impact, both regionally and internationally. This work will help Soul of Nations to continue achieving its mission and build longterm organizational sustainability.

Having the proper resources through this transformative walk is vital for Soul of Nations’ financial health and growth. Through this transformation, Soul of Nations is becoming more equipped to become a key influencer in the field of Indigenous Contemporary Art and better positioned to become a pioneer in life-changing art and educational experiences that have a greater impact on Indigenous communities on a global scale. The Soul of Nations team believes that where there is no vision, there is no restraint. As part of the Ten-year Soul Expansion Plan,  Soul of Nations’ vision for the future focuses on key areas of enhancing the life of the mind and spirit through emboldening the arts; enhancing the prospects for international peace, understanding, and cooperation; addressing significant issues in human growth and development; promoting liberal arts education.


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